Neil Galloway

Specialist in Gentle Therapy

Room 11, Redhills House
Redhills Business Park,
Penrith, Cumbria,
CA11 0DT

Neil Galloway at his desk

Welcome to my website.

Remedial Massage Training was, for me, a change in direction, a retraining started in 1992, an on-going process and one which has taken me into areas of study I never expected to explore. Since 1994, when I first became established in Penrith, my interest has moved more and more towards the use of gentle therapy. The old idea of 'no pain, no gain' is a nonsense. If you are already in pain, the last thing you need is heavy therapy. Discovering Strain/Counter Strain (Positional Release), back in '94, was the first glimpse I had of what could be achieved using gentle techniques in conjunction with conventional massage. This took me into studying anything I could find of a gentle nature; Bowen; Touch for Health; Acupressure; Meridian Energy Techniques; Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and others.

Every patient and every therapist is different, so there can be no prescriptive formula common to the relief of all problems. As a therapist, I don't 'Cure' anyone of anything but help you to get your body into a state where it can heal itself. Remedial Massage is an ancient craft which uses a variety of manual soft tissue manipulations to relax muscular spasm and tension, release tight congested tissue, ease off stiff joints and improve range of movement. It stimulates nerves, circulation, lymphatic flow, to increase oxygen and nutrient delivery and removal of cellular waste and inflammation from the tissue. All my work is done manually and no machines or electrotherapy are used.

The range of conditions treated is extensive and includes :- Back Pain; Neck and Shoulder Problems; Sciatica; Hip. Knee, Ankle and Foot Problems, Work- Related Injuries; Sports Injuries; Repetitive Strain; Headaches; General Deep Relaxation and Muscular Balancing. With the use of EFT, either on its own or in combination with physical techniques, the range of conditions treated grows wider still to give relief from Negative Emotions, Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Self Doubt, Grief, Anger, Addictions, Weight Loss, PTSD, and many physical problems—aches, pains etc., many of which may have an emotional element at their root.

My Location

After working for 24 years in premises in Friargate, Penrith, I've moved to new premises at Redhills Business Park and look forward to welcoming clients both old and new to this quiet country location. Cross the M6 on the A66 towards Keswick. After a short distance, turn left just before the 'Little Chef' (now Burger King). Follow the road round and Redhills Business Park is on your left. Drive in and go left past all the buildings. Redhills House is the last one. Room 11 is on the ground floor, second door on the right after passing through the Green front door.

For Appointment Phone 01768 892567

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